China is one of the world’s most unique destinations. A heady fusion of history and the here and now. In China, everywhere you look, change goes hand in hand with a deeply rich and powerful culture. Orient yourself and see something completely unique.


Adventure China takes care of you, so you can focus on enjoying the experience. We take out the scariness that can partner with venturing into the unknown. You’ll be equipped with resources, self-development tools and in person training before you go alongside unwavering support whilst away. We provide the lessons so that you can become the teacher.

You’ll spend 8 weeks at a summer camp in China. Our Chinese camps can be found just outside the coastal town of Qingdao and in amongst the rugged expanse of Inner Mongolia. Based on the traditional summer camps of America, the themes continue through in the daily running and facilities.


Improve your coaching skills and add to your CV. Spending 8 weeks at summer camp will effortlessly give you over 800 coaching hours, great experience and a naturally developed understanding of your teaching style.

China is incredible but completely different and out of the ordinary. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary culture, challenge yourself and go further. Push yourself to try the food, speak the language and learn. Learn about China but mostly learn about yourself. With Adventure China, choose the path less travelled for the next step in your journey.

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