If you love coaching children and want to go somewhere extraordinary, then this is the role for you.

As a camp captain you’ll be supervising a cabin of campers. Ensuring they are engaged and having fun as well as maintaining a safe and healthy camp environment for the children to thrive.


Being a Camp Captain is like no other placement. You’ll be living in a bunk with the campers and your role during the day will be to join in and supervise your group throughout their fun packed schedule.

You’ll be getting up at 7am for flagpole and going until the campers bedtime of 10pm. You’ll get 2 hours completely to yourself a day and will also be able to join in with the campers rest time (who doesn’t love a nap after lunch). It is long hours but it’s balanced and definitely worth it.


You don’t need any qualifications. You just need lots of energy and a willingness to step into the unknown. Forget what you think you know, volunteering at a summer camp in China is all about being spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic - we’ll prep you with everything you need to know before you go, so you can just go and enjoy the role. Experience working with children is always a bonus but the main thing is that you’re keen to have an adventure.

It’s more diverse than our American summer camps and much more hands on. You’ll be expected to think on your feet and to conjure up games to keep your campers entertained - think tag, cat and mouse or bulldog - classic running games always work a treat.

Every day will bring you unique and bizarre adventures. By the time you’re back, you’ll never be short of an interesting story to tell your mates. Whilst your role at camp is certainly going to keep you very busy each day, it's an incredible experience and one not to miss.

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