Summer Camp in Qingdou


Camp Future


Average temp

June - Sept  21℃ - 25℃


Camp Future can be found just outside of Qingdao, in the Shandong province.

Themed to on the traditional American summer camp experience, it’s a fusion of East meets West.   You’ll find wooden cabins and classrooms, green playing fields and even a Gaga pit nestled in the grounds, alongside the Minchao nature reserve.




Capital of Shandong province


The camp itself is just outside of the port town of Qingdao, on China’s Eastern coast. Qingdao is a bustling city with beaches, parks and quickly developing modern districts. The name itself means ‘Green Island’ and has often been rated the most livable Chinese city for its clean air.

Camp Future share the same complex as the environmental reserve of Min Chao, this means that the facilities are surrounded by trees and greenery - as well as the wild of the camp itself.




The facilities at camp are modern with wooden bunks, very similar to the ones you’d find in the summer camps of the US. You’ll be living on bunk beds in an attached staff room to the campers dorms.

You’ll find 2 classrooms, playing fields and campfire grounds - the facilities are simple with the focus being on getting the campers outside. There’s bugs, it’s rustic and the showers are outdoors but it’s all part of the charm.

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