Summer Camp in Inner Mongolia


Camp Heavenland


Average temp

16 °C to 27 °C with July hitting highs of 36 - 45 °C


Our Inner Mongolian camp is called Camp Heavenland. It’s an amazing opportunity to try something extraordinary. Themed to protect and educate people about the Mongolian wilderness, you can expect to be part of a new venture, to be experiencing the wild first hand and living in a pretty spectacular environment.




Inner Mongolia is the 3rd largest province in China and borders Mongolia and Russia


The camp itself is near Hulunbuir and covers a total of 600 sq km. You’ll find lots of tundra, lakes and some small forest areas. The area has partnered with National Government and the United Nations as a protected environment.




There are many styles of cabins at camp Heavenland but the main housing for summer campers and staff are modernised tents.

If you’re heading out later in the season, fear not - along with the cold also comes the winterized cabins, so you know you’ll be warm when you’re watching the local reindeer.


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