Your Chinese Phrase Book


For when body language isn't enough, here's a list of some great phrases to help you get by




有没有...? You mei you… - Do you have…?

我想... Wo xiang… - I would like...

我需要... Wo xu yao - I need…

你是哪国人 Ni shi na guo ren - Where are you from?

我是英国人 Wo shi ying guo ren. - I am English.

我想去 Wo xiang qu - I would like to go to…

多少钱 Dou shao qian - How much? (money)

这个 Zhe ge - This one.

那个 Na ge - That one.

你好 Ni hao -  Hello.

你好吗 Ni hao ma -  How are you?

我很好 Wo hen hao - I’m very good.

再见 Zai jian - Goodbye

谢谢 Xie xie - Thank you

干杯 Gan bei - Cheers!

你会说英文吗 Wo hui shuo ying wen ma - Can you speak English?

对不起 Dui bu qi - I’m sorry.

我不会说中文 Wo bu hui shou zhong wen - I don’t speak Chinese.

哪里 Na li - Where?

复原 Fu yuan - Waiter! / Waitress!

买单 Mai dan - Check

我找 Wo jiao -  My name is…

对 Dui - Yes

不对 Bu dui - No

太贵了 Tai gui le - Too expensive!

票 Piao -  A ticket

厕所 Ce suo - Toilet

火车站 Huo che zhan - Train station

公共汽车站 Gong gong qi che zhan - Bus station

饭店 Fan dian - Restaurant

酒店 Jiu dian - Hotel

水 Shui - Water

啤酒 Pi jiu - Beer

我明白 Wo ming bai - I understand

我不明白 Wo bu ming bai - I don’t understand!

听不懂 Ting bu dong - I don’t understand (what you’re saying)




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