You and your team of campers will be sleeping on bunk beds in modern wooden cabins dotted around the camp. Each cabin is named after a famous city from around the world. The cabins will be home to about 8 campers, one international captains and one local captains. The cabins usually consist of 4 or 5 sets of bunk beds, a private room for the captains and a bathroom with a toilet and sink. All cabins have air conditioning too.


It wouldn’t be camp without bugs! You’ll be the hero leading a team of intrepid adventurers with a fly swat in one hand and a can of bug spray in the other. We recommend that you take insect repellent to camp to keep the mosquitoes away during the day but be careful what you squash as the harmless yet pungent local ‘stink bug’ makes an appearance. The camp provides plenty of bug spray too to make sure the cabins are clear at night.

All captains can use the washing facilities at camp free of charge. There are machines and places to hang out your washing which dries in no time in the sunny summers in Qingdao.


Working at a summer camp is a great opportunity to turn your phone off, close your laptop and just enjoy the experience - but we understand that you can’t go completely off the grid. There are two points on camp where you can use Wifi, the office and the classrooms, which staff are free to use at any time during the day. In the captain's rooms in the cabins, there are a couple of power points so don’t forget to bring your adapters. It’s worth remembering that it’s difficult to access websites like Facebook and Twitter in China which just gives you a perfect excuse to get on China’s biggest social media platform, WeChat.

All the toilets at the camp are western style but we would definitely recommend you to perfect your squat technique before you head out there! When you’re exploring China, most toilets won’t be Western style so mastering the squat is just one of the many skills you’ll develop during a busy summer. There are also modern but basic shower cubicles just a short walk from the cabin.


Mealtimes have a family feel as you’ll be sat around the table with your campers and captains tucking into some delicious dishes that you probably won’t have even heard of before. Meals are served in the dining hall and typical dishes include stir fried vegetables with garlic and chilli, deep fried prawns, pork dumplings, tomato and egg soup, rice and steamed buns. So don’t worry, you won’t be eating spiders and cockroaches… not until you get to the night markets.

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